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Mercedes E Estate Class Hire

The Mercedes Estate is perfect for passengers requiring a a car with more luggage space.  The Estate can carry 4 big cases and 2 small cases. Being verstaile for bike boxes and set of ski sets, you can travel with ease and comfort.  The E-Class Estate provides one of the largest stowage areas for luggage in it’s class. Solid German engineering, with luxury interiors, the client benefits from both comfort and space.

The Estate will comfortably seat four passengers, as well as being able to accommodate large luggage for the long haul holiday transfer, making it ideal for airport trips, Port transfers and for business journeys.


E Class Space & Comfort

Drive Chauffeur services offer Mercedes E Class estate hire to busy executives, company directors or any one looking for a luxury transfer to any venue. With unrivalled technology and innovations our E Class will satisfy your clients when travelling with Drive Chauffeur.

The perfect driving experience.  Mercedes E class estate is one of the most preferred chauffeur cars because of its quality, reliability and cost effectiveness. Great for room for the tallest of passengers and truly in a class of its own. Book Mercedes E Class estate hire today.

mercedes e class estate chauffeur hire