Will We Ever Get To Fly Again Post Covid?

by | Jun 28, 2020

It has now been well over 3 months since the restrictions on travel, in particular travelling by air. Those exciting moments when we are packed, been picked up by an airport chauffeur service, checked in and ready to board the plane.

Will we ever enjoy these moments again?

Well there is some good news! A few airlines have announced that they will be returning to the air, after the FCO relaxed its warning against all non-essential travel from 6th July.
With all the precautions we have all been taking in lockdown such as, 2 metres apart, sneezing elbows, wearing masks and washing our hands, should be taking the relaxed approach? Well FCO advises passengers who are travelling particularly by air to remain seated as much as possible and do not expect the usual food and drink service. Additionally, when you can print or have an email copy of your boarding pass and to use automated baggage check in where possible.

Your Airport Chauffeur London Awaits

At Drive Chauffeur we have been taking necessary precautions to fight Covid as well by cleaning our cars thoroughly inside and out, only allowing 2 passengers in the car and 5 passengers in our Mercedes Carriers.

Our business has taken a downturn and this to be expected, but we are holding our head up high, so when you ready to book again enquire about our airport chauffeur London Service.
There is some light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully we all take heed to advice of our superiors when it comes to travel and together, we can get back to a normal life again.

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